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5G Training, Webinars, Career Counseling, Tutorials, Tips, Tricks, and Tactics to love a career in Telecoms.
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  • Free Webinars

We present weekly webinars to help you understand important aspects of rapidly-changing Telecoms Technology

  • Online Courses to help you learn

We offer online courses in 5G and other Telecoms Technologies.

  • Tips and Tricks to Master Microsoft Excel.

Excel is the Swiss Army Chainsaw for Telecoms. Make it your Superpower for achieving the desired results.

  • Increase your impact with decision-ready data.

Learn how to impact the business! (hint: it’s not another report, boring meeting or field visit).

  • Lots of free help.

We also post frequent updates on LinkedIn, and also offer career and technology counseling. I help in any way my 40 years in Telecoms allows. And all for free!

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